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Family Reunions are Strong at Zion Ponderosa

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

In the summer of 2011 we hosted several family reunions in Zion. However, we love to host all kinds of groups. Business or religious groups can escape from their busy lives and land here for a retreat; our conference room, catering, and private bonfires make for excellent conventions. Couples of all ages can make an unforgettable retreat here and get cozy in one of our exquisite cabin suites, receive a couple’s massage, and take a horse ride together, while witnessing some of the world’s most beautiful terrain.  However, some of our favorite groups are the family reunions. These reunions consist anywhere from just a few people up to almost 200! With our tenting, RV sites, cabins, and luxurious vacation homes each group can have a different experience.  Click to learn more about our family reunions.

Utah Family Reunion Location

Family reunion enjoy spending time together on our Sunset Jeep Tour

Family reunions that come to Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort always have a blast at our regular amenities; from the two-tiered pool to magnificent hikes, from the ping-pong and pool tables to the volleyball and basketball courts, each family makes their own fun.  However, there’s much more to do! The best days were when one small child was too scared to take the leap and shoot down the zipline and the parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and grandparents shouted words of encouragement from below – with enough support the child always jumped and raced back to go down again. These moments brought the families closer together and made memories that last forever.

Family Reunion at Zion Ponderosa

Family reunions thoroughly enjoy themselves at Zion Ponderosa!

Besides the zipline, family reunion participants enjoyed horseback riding, ATV tours, several types of jeep tours, mini-golfing, canyoneering, and the best – paintball games! All of these excellent recreation activities were perfect for families to spend time together and even battle each other! At the end of each long, exciting day many families piled into our large, white-canvas tent to enjoy a special meal prepared for just their family. Then, each member could mix and mingle while enjoying a savory meal.

We’re located next to Zion National Park and one of our best activities that let family reunions spend more time together and experience something new were our Dutch Oven Dinners + Wagon Rides. After an authentic Western wagon ride, families were met with the barbeque aroma and got to eat next to a beautiful ravine. So many enjoyed the slow-cooked meal they came back for seconds or even thirds. After their bellies were full and a good time was had by everyone, our General Manager, Michael Kane, would tell his thrilling story of seeing a mountain lion and our Customer Service Intern, Clarissa Thatcher, would tell exciting stories about Butch Cassidy. Each person left satisfied and in high spirits.

Dutch Oven Dinner and Family Reunion

Family reunions love to bond at the Dutch Oven Dinner + Wagon Ride!

Many family reunions enjoyed our evening activities, planned by our Event Planning Intern, Megan Bird. With activities ranging from bonfires to barn dances, from night games to stargazing parties, and from rodeos to night hikes, there was always and activity that added a little extra adventure to the family reunion.  Adventure awaited each family reunion and each group made their own memories – we were glad to be there to help make them!

If you’d like to know more call us toll free at (800) 293-5444 or visit our website Zion Ponderosa.

Zion is the Place for Canyoneering

Monday, June 7th, 2010

The canyons in the Zion National Park area are screaming to for some rappelling action, and Isaac is ready to take you on an adventure you’ll never forget!  This is his third season with us as our guide.  Not only is he a T.A. for the canyoneering class at Brigham Young University, but he recently returned from New Zealand where he spent time canyoning there.

Saturday the weather was hot, the sky clear, and our group was ready by 8 a.m. for a canyoneering trip in a slot canyon  on the east rim of Zion National Park.  A contributary to the Orderville Canyon, it feeds into the Narrows in Zion, another spot famous for canyoneering.  The far left photo is an impressive shot of  the black choke stone.

Over 85% of our clients started here as beginners in the sport, with an age range of 11 – 65 years.  Whether beginner or intermediate, you’ll want to book an adventure at Zion Ponderosa Resort and let Isaac and his team guide, teach, and impress you!

Waterfalls in Zion National Park

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Dual Waterfalls in Zion National Park

Dual Waterfalls in Zion National Park

Zion National Park has been eroded and shaped by the constant effects of water moving over the soft sandstone formations.   Melting snow or rain storms are most prominent in the spring-time and this leads to opportunities to view some magnificent waterfalls within the park.   Zion National Park is actually a large plateau where deep canyons have been carved into the plateau.   The plateau gathers snow and rain and then funnels the resulting water flow down, sometimes into narrow canyons commonly referred to as slot canyons.  As water gathers from multiple points on the plateau, it gathers force and often jettisons itself out over the edge of the plateau before gravity grabs hold and curls the force of water downward.

With so many gathering points
along the top of Zion, waterfalls may often be seen at nearly every turn.   This only occurs during days of strong snow-melt or during a heavy rain-storm.   So count yourself lucky if you are in Zion National Park when these events occur.    The water from these falls funnel down to gathering points on the valley floor where they flow eventually into the Virgin River.  The Virgin River is the main water flow through the Narrows of Zion and this river continues through the park, out past the towns of Springdale, Rockville, Virgin and on to Hurricane, St. George and eventually to the Colorado River.

Waterfall from a slot canyon at Zion National Park

Waterfall from a slot canyon at Zion National Park

Flash Floods: With so many narrow slot canyons in Zion National Park, the fast gathering water has no outlet and walls of water will come raging down a slot canyon at a rapid rate and at heights that can exceed 40 feet.   This is a rare occurrence but one that you do not want to witness from the bottom of a slot canyon.   So on rainy days, be sure to stay out of slot canyons.   Also be wary of strong increases in temperatures on spring days when melting snow can quickly gather water in large amounts.

Guided slot canyon trips:
Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort offers guided canyoneering adventures into area slot canyons.   Click here for more details.

Bring your camera: The waterfalls in Zion National Park are a spectacular sight and you’ll want to shoot plenty of photographs.   You’ll find that spring-time is remarkably scenic with the blooming flowers and budding trees.   Combine this with the waterfalls, and occasional views of wildlife and you’ve got some great compositions and colors for beautiful photographs.