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Directions to Zion Ponderosa – New Google Earth Tool

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

A Utah-based developer/programmer has come up with an exciting new way to use Google Earth to identify information and locations of attractions. We have been the beneficiary of some his efforts.   You can learn how to get to Zion Ponderosa from Salt Lake City or from Los Angeles / Las Vegas by using this simple, but helpful tool.  Give it a try!

*** CLICK HERE to open this tool!  ***

Google Earth Directions Tool

Click on the link above to open up this Google Earth directions tool!

Learn more about how this tool may work for you –  visit this link.   Thanks to Larry Maddocks for creating this.


Zion National Park – Top Ten Things To Do!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

This list of the Top Ten things to do in Zion National Park will give you some ideas for what will be best for you and your traveling companions.

Top Ten Things to Do at Zion National Park

1- Scenic Drive: The drive between the east and west gates of Zion National Park on highway 9 is a great drive, but the drive up into the main canyon at Zion, the so-called scenic drive, is quite spectacular.   Access this drive by going down into the park and turning right after you have passed the tunnel and descended to the canyon floor:

2- Overlook & Zion Tunnel: From the east gate, just before you get to the Zion tunnel you will find two areas where you can park your car.   From here you can climb a short set of stairs and walk to the west toward an overlook of part of the main canyon.  This is the easiest hike in the park that allows you to see from the top-down.

3- Narrows Trail: At the top of the main canyon there is a mile-long paved path that is called the Riverside Walk.  This trail leads deeper into what is called The Narrows section of the park.  At the end of the paved trail you have the option of walking in the river as far up The Narrows as you wish.   Check for details on water levels at the park information center.

4- Zion Narrows: The Zion Narrows is a 16 mile long section of the Virgin River that varies in width but is where steep rock faces form the sides of the river.   This area is quite surreal and is one of the most unique hiking experiences in America.   You can start at the bottom on the Narrows Trail and go up, but some intrepid hikers will start at the top and hike down.  The upper trail-head for this hike is most easily accessible from Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

10 Things To Do At Zion National Park

Standing under the overhang where water exits the sandstone at Weeping Rock

5- Weeping Rock: During the main season, you can ride the shuttle to various points of interest.  One of the best is Weeping Rock where the water seeps down from the upper plateau, through the sandstone, and exits in a rock alcove.   In the spring or during a rain storm you’ll also see a waterfall here.

6- Emerald Pools: This is one of the most popular hikes in the park and leads from the Virgin River (mid-canyon) to two different pools of water up against the cliff faces.  This is a mildly strenuous ascent that leads to a point where waterfalls may also be visible at certain times of year or after a rain.

Angels Landing

From Angels Landing hikers can see the road for the scenic drive in the valley below.

7- Angels Landing: Perhaps one of the most dramatic and exciting hikes in America.  Visitors ascend mid-canyon along the face of a rock cliff, and then enter a narrow upper canyon before ascending on a back-and-forth section of trail called Walter’s Wiggles.  Beyond this you will traverse a narrow fin with a drop-off on both sides (1,000+ feet) and then ascend the last section of the hike along a spine that leads to the top of Angels Landing.

8- Observation Point: From Zion Ponderosa you can walk across the plateau to Observation Point, or you may begin a much more strenuous four-mile hike from the bottom of the park near Weeping Rock.  This hike takes you to one of the highest views of the main canyon.

Bighorn Sheep Zion

Bighorn Sheep are prevalent in Zion National Park and commonly seen.

9- Wildlife Viewing: Year-round you may be able to view deer, wild turkeys, and large birds such as eagles, condors, hawks, and ravens.  Bighorn sheep also inhabit the park’s upper east side (above the tunnel) and it is quite common to see these large animals near the road.

10- Court of the Patriarchs: One of the more remarkable views is found just after you enter the main canyon (on your right).  Here you’ll find a stopping point with a short walk (100 yards) to a view point for three large formations referred to as the Court of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).

We hope you enjoyed reading about the Top Ten Things to Do at Zion National Park.  Read more about Zion National Park – here!

“Sit back and Relax”

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort truly is a place for relaxation. Even though we have many recreation activities, there is still something about East Zion that is so peaceful. We are very secluded and quiet up here compared to West Zion where there is more tourist traffic. If you want even more seclusion while in Zion, we recommend staying in one of our Mountain Vacation Homes that are located in a development that has spectacular views over Zion. You can read your book on the balcony, bring your easel and paint the sunset over Zion, or even have a Massage Therapist come to your lodging to give you a wonderfully relaxing spa treatment.

Relaxation at Zion

Spa Treatments at Zion Ponderosa

A relaxing experience at the Ranch can be yours while staying in any of our accommodations.  From our pool to our spa, we have many options available for every guest to be able to find serenity in the mountains. Another benefit to our location is the proximity to so many trails that you can hike into Zion.

Instead of climbing the strenuous switchbacks to get to Observation Point from Zion Canyon, you can easily experience the same marvelous view at the end of a flat, casual hike. We even take you to the trail head for a small fee.

Here at Zion Ponderosa, we work to inspire the love of Zion in every valued guest.