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Memorial Day Weekend: Kicking Off Summer Events

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend marks the official start to our much anticipated nightly events at Zion Ponderosa. In addition to our wide range of recreational activities offered, a full-time Event Coordinator plans special nightly events for all guests to enjoy. These events range from a weekly rodeo every Saturday to a movie under the stars. A complete schedule can be found here.

This year’s event coordinator, Amanda, is excited about changes in summer events due to new equipment. A new projector will greatly enhance the Monday night movie under the stars. New machines have also been purchased to make cotton candy and ice cream.

A new nightly event was introduced this past Memorial Day weekend called Sunday Ice Cream Sundae night. Guests sat on the lit patio of the Blue Belly Grill and each table was filled with interesting facts about the history of ice cream sundaes. Homemade ice cream was available to purchase for $2 with unlimited toppings. Everyone seemed to enjoy a scoop of homemade ice cream at the close of an 80 degree day in Southern Utah!

This past weekend also marked the first of 14 rodeos this summer. The night began with the National Anthem being sung by a local musician, involved three different competitions, and concluded with audience involvement of barrel racing and pole weaving.

The Start of the Rodeo

The start of the rodeo.

"Santa", the winner of our first rodeo this season

“Santa” won our first rodeo of the season.


With over 600 guests each night over Memorial Day Weekend, these activities were well attended. We are looking forward to a very eventful summer!

Massage at Juniper Spa

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Juniper Spa at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort offers a wide range of relaxation options for their visitors including Shiatsu, Swedish and Deep Tissue massages, Reflexology, Body Scrubs, and a  Poolside Polish. They will even come to your cabin or vacation home rental. Two visitors share their experience here.

Spa Treatment Services

Spa Treatments at Zion Ponderosa

“There are two massage artists at Zion’s Ponderosa, both of whom welcomed me with such gracious and easy manners, I immediately felt relaxed.  They had me fill out a sheet telling them some of the things I was looking for in a massage, then I went to a private room to dress down and prepare for the massage.


The rooms were clean and warm, with relaxing music playing.  The bed linens had obviously just been changed and I felt pampered before the session even began.  My masseuse asked me a few questions then got started by using some aromatherapy to help me relax.  The following massage was thorough and well performed.


My masseuse was able to deepen when asked and lighten when asked and I was very satisfied with the massage over all.  I also loved the light conversation during the session, which helped me to stay awake (I have often missed my massage by getting too relaxed and sleeping through it!).  At the end of the massage, I was able to take some time to gather myself and get dressed, I did not feel too hurried.  When I left, they even gave me a chocolate.  I felt very pampered and cheerful the rest of the afternoon.” Katie, College Park, MD

Juniper Spa

Juniper Spa

Massage Treatments at Zion Ponderosa

Massage Treatments

     “I really enjoyed the massage at Zion’s Ponderosa Ranch Resort. The therapist that worked with me had many years of experience in the health care industry and was so professional!  It was a perfect addition to a true vacation of family fun and personal relaxation.  I remember thinking DO NOT LET THIS END. Clean, comfortable facilities, perfectly lit with the smell of lavender in the air made it delightful. A joy.” Carolyn, Highland, UT

Wagon Rides and Dutch Oven Dinners

Monday, July 29th, 2013

In summer months, and presently on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, of each week,  guests have the opportunity of taking a wagon ride through the forest to a location where we serve up a wonderful dutch oven dinner.

This wagon ride and dutch oven dinner experience offers a greater feel of the old west and an opportunity to enjoy a traditional dutch oven meal.   This is a great experience for couples, families, corporate, or other groups.

Click on the image to see a larger view.

Wagon Ride and Dutch Oven Dinner

Guests take a wagon ride through the forest for this dutch oven dinner experience.

We encourage you to reserve this activity in advance.   Learn more here…