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Recycling Proceeds Goes To Children

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Simply by saving our cardboard in a large enclosed trailer this year, we earned money this fall when those materials were sold to a recycling company.  Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort recently donated the proceeds from our expanded recycling program, to a non-profit organization called God’s Marvelous Light.   This organization, based in California, assists children in need from around the world.

God's Marvelous Light

Children world-wide seek a life of hope.

This statement from the  God’s Marvelous Light web-site summarizes the gravity of the need to reach out to little children.  ”So many are without homes in the world. There are over a million little children homeless in this country of ours alone. There is much to be done for abused, abandoned, and failure to thrive little ones! Please, help me help so many who need your attention for a healthy life!” – Joy E. Garrido – Founder and CEO.  During this special season of the year we invite you to consider what you can do, to help those in need.




Exclusive Utah Video: Zion Ridge

Friday, September 30th, 2011 is website/business that has one focus: increasing awareness of Utah.  It seeks to inform those who are traveling to Utah or those looking for new places to visit in Utah about the countless possibilities.  From lodging to transportation, from restaurants to events, and from stores to maps, holds nothing back.  One of the best features of its sister company, Exclusive Utah.

Entrance to Zion Ridge

The beautiful entrance to the gated community Zion Ridge

Exclusive Utah features Utah’s exclusive and unique properties and services.  They feature Ski/Mountain resorts, Dining/Nightlife, Exclusive Experiences, and Red Rock/Desert resorts.  Zion Ponderosa was lucky enough to be chosen by Exclusive Utah to be hosted on their website.  Zion Ridge is an important part of Zion Ponderosa and is the ultimate relaxation spot in the Zion National Park area.

Zion Ridge consists of our beautiful vacation homes.  Each home is unique and well-equipped for a splendid stay.  Whether your group consists of 3 people of 35 people, there is a home that will be perfect for your group.  Several homes overlook an expansive and breath-taking gulch with raising mesas and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in the distance.  Other homes are surrounded lush forests, perfect for adventure.  Each is different in architecture and décor, and there is an ideal home for each unique taste.

764 home at night

One of our beautiful vacation homes at night

Each guest in one of our beautiful mountain homes has open access to all of Zion Ponderosa’s amenities: recreation activities, two-tiered pool, volleyball and basketball courts, evening activities, exquisite massages at the Juniper Spa, and dining experiences, particularly the Blue Belly Grill.

Many of our exquisite amenities were featured in the video made by Exclusive Utah.  The fine dining at the Blue Belly Grill simply jumps off the screen and cries “Eat me”, the gravity-defying pool is ready for someone to make the first splash, and the hot tub beckons for someone to take a dip.  The homes each look splendid with gorgeous entry-ways, aerial views of the rooftops and deep gulch, personal hot tubs bubbling, kitchens stocked with supplies from our grocery shopping service, and elegant master bedrooms and bathrooms with lighted candles.

Exclusive Utah did a spectacular job with the video and we are truly honored to be featured on by them.  Learn more about Exclusive Utah by visiting their website.

If you’d like to know more call us toll free at (800) 293-5444 or visit our website Zion Ponderosa.

Guests eating at the Blue Belly Grill

Guests dining at the Blue Belly Grill

Green Effort is Stronger at Zion Ponderosa

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
Green - Conservation Effort

Our cardboard recycling bin for our Green conservation effort next to Zion National Park.

Cardboard and cooking oil are two products that we go through in a big-way here at Zion Ponderosa.    It took some research to identify just how much we were using, but once we got a handle on it, we also devised a plan for disposing of it more effectively.   Read more about our efforts here.

Recycle cardboard bin

Cardboard stands inside our recycle bin ready to be delivered to recycling company.

At Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, we wanted to enhance our ability to be more environmentally friendly ( Go Green ), and to reduce our carbon footprint.   To accomplish this our General Manager, Michael Kane, hired a Masters student from the University of Utah as an intern, to analyze our entire conservation effort and to develop a more robust plan.   See what we accomplished by reading our Going Green – Press Release.

Organic Garden at Zion National Park

Our Organic Garden at Zion Ponderosa is just getting started but will become a great resource.

We also established an organic garden to decrease on the amount of food that is delivered to our resort, thus decreasing the carbon footprint of delivery vehicles.   Our future plans also include greater efforts to recycle plastic, aluminum and other resources. Read more.