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The Weather is Changing on us

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Being on top of a plateau isn’t easy – especially when summer ends and autumn can’t decide how long it will be.  Utah weather is so unpredictable, and in southern Utah and on top of a mountain doesn’t help much.  One weekend the sun was shining, kids were splashing in the pool, and ATV were zipping around the resort; the next day the wind was nippy and campers were scarce.  However, the guests who still come in the cold weather of autumn really prove their stuff.

Zion National Park in Autumn

Zion National Park in the Autumn

Cabin Suite Fireplace

Fireplace in a Cabin Suite

As the clouds descend lower and lower upon the neighboring mountain, we cant help but stop and stare at the mystical beauty.  Although the summer is amazing in its daily hustle and bustle, autumn is magic in its own sense.  The leaves change to a bouquet of reds and yellows, while the recent rain leaves a smell of freshness in the air.

But as beautiful as autumn is, it quickly changes on us.  Flakes of snow fall lightly upon the ground as a warning of what’s to come.  The air is turning frigid and the fire is crackling in the fireplace.  Hot chocolate and coffee sales grow, as do the jacket sales.  The foreshadowing of winter brings excitement for something new.

While October is just beginning, and there yet to be more weeks of warm days, filled with hiking and play, we look forward to the new season and the new adventures we will take, like opening a Bed and Breakfast and starting education seminars.  The weather is changing, and so are we.

Winter at Zion Ponderosa

Winter at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

Changing Seasons at Juniper Spa

Friday, October 1st, 2010

The winds of autumn brought a new massage therapist to our Juniper Spa – Darren Christensen.  Actually, Darren is a returning staff member of Zion Ponderosa Ranch and knows the resort, activities, and people well.  He’s happy to be back here and the area with the fresh air, beauty, and the magic of the mountains.

During his first tour at Zion Ponderosa, Darren experienced a minor injury of a pulled muscle.  This led him to the Juniper Spa where the massage therapist worked on his injury.  To his surprise, the work helped him sleep that night and he woke up the next morning without pain.  This was where the idea to follow this path began.  As he pursued this new career, he found that Jeremy, the massage therapist here at Zion Ponderosa became a mentor and helped him through school when he was a student at Utah College of Massage Therapy.

Following his graduation in October of 2007, Darren flew to Hawaii to begin his career in style.  On Maui he worked for both The Whaler Maui Resort and the Napili Kai Beach Resort.  In 2008 Darren returned to Utah where he began working with a few chiropractic offices in the Salt Lake City area.  Through this work he found a passion and desire to serve others through massage that offers relief of pain and aids in healing.

After our peak season came to an end and our Juniper Spa massage therapist moved on, our manager contacted Darren and invited him to return to Zion Ponderosa.  He accepted and arrived here just over a week ago.  With a servant’s heart, Darren dove into work the day after he arrived.

To complement our fall lodging specials, during the month of October Darren is offering the Warm Desert Stone Massage for $99 and a special couple’s massage combination.

Fall into Juniper Spa this autumn!