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Roaming Boomers Visits Zion Ponderosa

Monday, March 18th, 2013

From time to time we host travel experts at Zion Ponderosa, and recently a couple of those experts were from the online publication The Roaming Boomers.

Travel Media

The Roaming Boomers Online Publication

David and Carol Porter spent a night with us and David wrote this article and included a couple of photos.   According to David in his article “It was a mistake for us to only spend one night at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.”   We have to concur and say that three nights is barely enough to whet your whistle.  Many of our guests stay with us for four to six nights and still don’t get to do all they had planned.   Still, we’re glad to have you come and stay as long as you are able.

Read more about what David had to say.

Winter at Zion Ponderosa

Friday, January 11th, 2013
Zion Winter Vacation Rental Homes

Vacations homes at Zion Ponderosa blanket by snow.

Zion Winter Vacation Rental Homes

It’s mid-January and now is the time to visit  for those who want a serene experience at ZionNational Park.  Zion Ponderosa sits at 6,500 feet and on top of the eastern plateau at Zion National Park.   We get some snow up here around our vacation homes which are open from December through February while the rest of the resort is quiet.

Vacation homes are open year-round and you can bring your own groceries, stay with us, and then venture into the park in a couple of different ways.  Our Zion winter vacation rental homes are large and luxurious cabins in a gated community at Zion Ponderosa.

Zion Park Winter

Zion National Park in Winter – Snow on peaks but clear in the canyon.

1- Walk across the plateau to the rim to gaze down.  You can do this any time of year, but in winter you can often snowshoe or cross country ski to the rim, depending on snow levels.

2- Drive to the east gate of the park (seven miles) and spend time on the east part of the park, or descend into the main canyon (through the tunnel) and enjoy the hikes and scenery at the 4,000 foot level.

Wild Turkeys Zion

Wild Turkeys traverse an open meadow on the plateau above Zion National Park

Wildlife viewing, is particularly good during the winter months at Zion National Park.  Eagles, wild turkeys, deer, bighorn sheep, and other large birds and animals are very prevalent at this time of year.   However you experience Zion National Park, you’ll enjoy winter’s quiet serenity among the Ponderosa pines at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. Learn more here