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Gaining Strength
Utah Wellness Retreat While most of your stay will be enjoying the beauty that surrounds you, we will have basic fitness classes for you to learn and become strong.

Strength is key in our fitness classes and we will teach you how to become a stronger, healthier you.


Simple Methods
Utah Wellness Retreat Schedule Boot Camp
Our Boot Camp classes are tailored for you to learn how to workout without the need for a gym and expensive equipment.

You will love working with our fitness professionals as they tailor the classes to what you need.

Booty 101 - Easy simple methods to really give you some buns of steel!
Yoga + Conditioning
Utah Wellness Program Yoga - Our yoga classes in a unique setting will help you feel invigorated and fresh. Our yoga teacher will teach many different yoga classes that involve relaxation, meditation, and stretching.

Total Body Conditioning - This class will tailor to every part of your body and you'll feel it!

Core conditioning - The Core is central to all our movement. Learn how to take care of your core and how to strengthen your core.

Personal Training available.