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Welcome to Utah's Zion National Park Wellness Retreat!

Our mountain resort sits 6,500' above sea level and covers 4,000 acres on a large forested plateau that borders the eastern edge of Zion National Park. Visit this link for an aerial view of Zion Ponderosa and Zion National Park.

Direct Airline Access to Zion Ponderosa is best accomplished through Denver, or Salt Lake City via connecting flights to St. George, Utah. Daily flights connect from Denver (United Airlines) or Salt Lake City (Delta Airlines). Service is provided by Skywest Airlines, one of America's finest regional air companies. See links to Delta and United below.

Las Vegas: It is also convenient to fly to Las Vegas and catch one of the many shuttles to St. George. (100 minutes), where we will greet our guests and provide transport to the east side of Zion National Park (95 minutes). See list of shuttle companies below.

Airline Map to Zion Ponderosa

  Delta Airlines    
  United Airlines    
  St. George Municipal Airport (Site)    
  St. George Shuttle 435-628-8320 Service to and from Las Vegas 7 days
  St. George Express Shuttle 435-652-1100 Shuttle service to and from Las Vegas Airport 7 days
  Aztec Shuttle 435-656-9040 Daily service to and from Salt Lake City

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is situated amidst America's greatest concentration of natural scenic wonders.