Wellness Workshops

Utah Fitness Wellness Spa Retreat
Utah Wellness WorkshopsDelicious and Healthy
Nutrition Workshops

Each day you will have the opportunity to learn and discover healthy ways to eat and get you started to a stronger, healthier you. These hands-on classes will teach you the tools you need to feel better and understand the choices we make when we eat.


Wellness WorkshopsMind and Body 
Wellness Workshops

Each day you will have time to evaluate how you are doing in all the areas of wellness: Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, Physical, and Emotional. How can we become more balanced in all areas of wellness? Many questions will be answered.

Utah Wellness ProgramArtistic Inspiration
Photography Workshops

By request a workshop may be presented on the basics of outdoor photography with an empasis on composition, and lighting. 

Night Presentations

On some evenings we will offer night presentations touching on various topics such as relaxation, stories of the west, along with area history and geology.

Note: Nutritional Consultations are available.

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