April 2017

This is an update of the Zion Ponderosa marketing team efforts in April 2017. Part of a monthly strategy to keep management abreast of our on-going efforts.

Items listed below are in addition to the regular expansion/udpates of our new web-site for ZionPonderosa.com, which now has much better formatted back pages, and is easier to update with new pages, images, video clips, coming events, news, etc.

Web-site Traffic

We’re tracking a year-over-year significant increase.

This increase can be partially attributed to expanded efforts with online advertising with such sites as Utah.com, ZionNationalPark.com, more efficient Google Adwords campaigns and other new marketing.


In mid-April we were featured on the back page of a glossy publication distributed to all subscribers of the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune. 90,000 people received this publication with our ad prominently on the back page. We also were included with a full-page ad in Zion’s Bank Community Magazine which was sent to 50,000 subscribers.

Other on-going efforts:
– Weekly meetings with our contracted agency for social media and SEO/marketing strategies and development.
– Pay Per Click Google Adwords Advertising Management
– SEO Development
– Contact and negotiations with new advertising options
– There’s more but the list is lengthy…

Social Media

We’ve had excellent success in March / April with hosting seven different social media influencers, with many resulting Instagram, Facebook, and blog posts showing off Zion Ponderosa, such as is seen in the image to the right. View a few of these posts by clicking on the following links:

Armelle Blog
Kelly Jensen
Macs Explore

And we’ve been increasing our social media following. Our Instagram account, for example, had just over 4,000 followers less than a month ago, and we are now over 5,400 followers as of May 2, 2017.

We are posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, multiple times per week. See our icons on the top right corner of our web-site to view each.


In early April we were contacted by US News & World Report with a request for information and pictures, which we provided. Less than 10 days ago we received word that we had been designated as one of the Top 6 Adventure Resorts in America. Big News! We promptly took this and distributed the news to all of our media contacts with a resulting subsequent follow-up story in the Deseret News, and some radio news coverage. We also have tagged our web-site, and sales e-mail messaging with this graphic, and it will be used in other ways for additional exposure.

We also continue to receive strong ratings from Trip Advisor and have a Certificate of Excellence from them.

Other April Efforts

Easter Events: Promotion of egg hunt, morning jeep tours, and other extravaganza related activities.

Signs & Designs:
– New Property Map
– Recreation/Accommodation Icons development for wayfinding signs
– Menu development for dining
– Preparation for Ragnar
– On-Property Sign Designs

Video / Photography Development:
– Shooting scenes weekly to collect stock footage for new dramatic production.

See samples of preliminary scene acquisition below. Location scouting, scripting, talent identification, music bed selection, etc.

Note that this is a very preliminary edit of our sample efforts…

Other current projects
– In-room book
– Property Signs
– Window Box for dining (see image below)
– New Property Map
– Lunch Menu
– Etc., Etc., Etc.

This brief report scratches the surface of our daily/weekly/monthly efforts, but is intended to keep you in the loop on some of what is being accomplished, with a hope that it sparks additional ideas/suggestions for continuing to build the strong brand of Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.