May 2017

This is an update of the Zion Ponderosa marketing team efforts in May 2017, which is part of a monthly strategy to keep management abreast of our on-going efforts. It’s not a complete list by any mean, but represents some of the key efforts during this month.

List of Projects

• App Updates / Training
• Contract Renewal / Updates with Trip Advisor
• E-mail blast with Resort & Lodges
• Guest e-mail advance marketing
• Guest Surveys
• In-room book (printed new for 2017 – 90 books)
• New campground web-site (
• On-site work (sign placement, etc.)
• Photography (Concurrent with our video development efforts)
• Ragnar (Banners, Wind-Signs)
• Resort Maps
• Restaurant Window Box (Menus)
• Signs (Campground, Wagons, Cabins, Directional)
• Site Updates (Spa, Yoga,
• Social media (strategy meetings & media development – video/pics)
• Spa Logo / Banners / Wind Signs / Marketing Materials
• Video (Main + 10 other topic specific segments + Recreation video for loop in rec. barn, etc.)


We were given a last minute opportunity to be included in Zion’s Bank Community magazine in a feature section that they were doing on Kolob Canyons and Cedar Breaks. This ad, which normally costs thousands, was available to us for just $500.00. The publication reaches 50,000 subscribers.

New Web-site Launched With the opening of our new campground one of our strategies is to give this area it’s own identity, and this new web-site is part of that effort.

Social Media

One of our efforts included hosting a Youtube vlog group that did a unique treasure hunt on our property, and then also posted videos about our lodging and recreation. See next. Each of these has had approx. 40,000 views and numerous comments/questions about where this is at. The treasure hunt video they posted has had 650,000 views so far. While this is a novel approach to gaining some exposure, we were also able to negotiate use of the video footage they shot, for our own use.

For reference, here’s where we are currently at with our social media followers:

Instagram: 6,399
Facebook: 4,231
Twitter: 1,933

We are also working to build our Pinterest, Google Plus, and other accounts. Click on any of the icons in the top right of our web-site.

Who visits our site?

Google analytics results for the top ten states in the past year. California tops the list and this makes sense since there is such a large population base just 7-8 hours away. Nevada is highlighted here because we will be reaching out to LV residents (2 million people) in a new way. Vegas is our closest major market (just 3 hours away).


The resort again hosted the Ragnar Trail Running event and Kourtney and her staff reached out to these guests in new ways to provide greater exposure to our dining services. Marketing assisted with new signs for this.

New video clips added to our youtube channel, and to our web-site.

New banners and info. for our Juniper Spa which has now re-opened. Welcome to Ryan Osguthorpe and his family to our Zion Ponderosa family.

News signs for the property and the new campground.

This brief report scratches the surface of our daily/weekly/monthly efforts, but is intended to keep you in the loop on some of what is being accomplished, with a hope that it sparks additional ideas/suggestions for continuing to build the strong brand of Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.