Bliss at the Juniper Spa

As I walked into the Juniper Spa this morning, thoughts were rushing through my head: “If I’m going to get my work done before I go into town, I need to be done with this by 10. Any later and I’ll be way behind.” Frantic thoughts rushed past, but I’d been sleeping poorly and my neck hurt, a massage should help me.

As I filled out my medical form, I laughed with my therapist and we chatted about our plans for the week. I had selected a Swedish Massage with some deeper work around my shoulders. She took me back to one of the rooms and told me how to prepare. I lay on the bed, and she began my massage. I still didn’t comprehend how wonderful my morning was about to become.

A Beautiful Calm

She began with my shoulders and back. The cool air and warm oils calmed me quickly, and I mentally let go of my worries so that I could enjoy the experience. Pushing at my back with her hands and arms, she worked the kinks out one at a time. I could feel my muscles ripple up like a wave as she pushed up the edge of my shoulder blade. It was as if she was sweeping all the knots into one or two places, where she then removed them completely. It didn’t seem long before first one side and then the other was loose and free.

Next she went to my legs. I hadn’t realized how tense the muscles had become. Pushing up and down, she worked my legs until they were soft and comfortable. I don’t expect to have shin splints for a month now, it was so wonderful. I could feel the knots and tension running down into my ankles and then working out as she rubbed. It was bliss.

After that, she worked back up my body, massaging my arms until they were limp and heavy. She stretched and moved the joints as she worked to pull out every little ache. After she set my arms down, she finished with my shoulders, neck, and head. My shoulders and neck she worked until my head hung loose and she moved on to my head. I have never had a scalp or face massage before, but today I loved learning what that is.

The wonderful feeling of my muscles being gently re-shaped into relaxation is one I don’t want to miss out on. I will certainly be returning to the Juniper Spa this summer for more.

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