Recycling Proceeds Goes To Children

Simply by saving our cardboard in a large enclosed trailer this year, we earned money this fall when those materials were sold to a recycling company.  Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort recently donated the proceeds from our expanded recycling program, to a non-profit organization called God’s Marvelous Light.   This organization, based in California, assists children in need from around the world.

God's Marvelous Light

Children world-wide seek a life of hope.

This statement from the  God’s Marvelous Light web-site summarizes the gravity of the need to reach out to little children.  “So many are without homes in the world. There are over a million little children homeless in this country of ours alone. There is much to be done for abused, abandoned, and failure to thrive little ones! Please, help me help so many who need your attention for a healthy life!” – Joy E. Garrido – Founder and CEO.  During this special season of the year we invite you to consider what you can do, to help those in need.

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