Ragnar Zion 2015 Highlights — Zion Ponderosa

Ragnar Zion 2015 has come to an exciting end! This year’s trail relay drew 3,150 runners, for one of the largest events at Zion Ponderosa. We hope to keep growing this event each year!

Participants began arriving Thursday evening, bringing life to Ragnar Village, the heart of the event. Despite the rain, participants made the of the Ragnar Zion experience with good spirits, good friends, and a great time at Ragnar Village.

Enjoy the highlights from this weekend’s Ragnar Zion Trail Relay experience at Zion Ponderosa!

Ragnar Zion runners IMG_1034_2
“I’ve been hiking in Zion for years. I’ve ran 4 different Ragnar races. This is my first year doing this one, but it combines two of my favorite things, so I’m sure I’ll run it here again.” Adam, Ogden

DSC_4017 IMG_1063_2
“I run Ragnar for the runner’s high afterwards.” “I run because friends keep talking me into it.”
Larissa and Amy, Salt Lake City

Cabin Suite
“We stayed in a tent last year. We decided to splurge and get a cabin this year. I’m still wet, but I bet I’ll sleep a lot better.” — Peter, Las Vegas

Zion Ponderosa offers six different lodging options, ranging from tent camping to luxury vacation lodges. We were almost completely booked, and a large part of the main resort area was a tent city during Ragnar Zion. Some participants chose to cook out in Ragnar Village, others were appreciative of Zion Ponderosa’s on-site dining.

“I’m just happy that I get to eat real food without having to cook it or fight traffic for it.” — Becca, Las Vegas

Campers at Ragnar Village during Ragnar Zion

If there’s one thing Ragnar teams bring, it’s personality!
DSC_3985 DSC_4071

DSC_3989 DSC_4062

And a positive attitude!
DSC_4063 DSC_4099
“The rain never bothered us anyway!” – Trish, Michelle, and Kate, Salt Lake City

Ragnar Zion 2015 pool and Ragnar Village
“I think this [Zion Ponderosa] is a great place to have the race. My entire family was excited to come because they could go swimming all day, instead of sitting around all day while Dad runs.” – Brad, Provo

“The yoga is a really nice touch. I think that’s an awesome thing, to have a warm, dry, comfortable space large enough here so that we can actually have room to stretch out.” – MiCall, Las Vegas
Yoga during Ragnar 2015 S'mores campfire Ragnar 2015
“I really appreciate the fires in the lodge and outside. It’s a nice touch. I can sit there and warm up, but I don’t have to make or take care of a fire myself. I’m just waiting to finish my run so I can cook up a couple s’mores.” – Kim, St. George

ZP overview
“I really like the seclusion…It’s really making this race feel more like a vacation, not just something I decided to do over the weekend.” – Heather, Flagstaff

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