Women’s Adventure Retreat Fall 2015 Recap

We have wrapped up our Fall 2015 Women’s Adventure Retreat. What an amazing week, packed with adventure, encouragement, and friendship! Favorite activities varied from guest to guest and included Ranger/ATVing, zip lining, sledding the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, rappelling, scenic drives, paintball, stargazing, and hiking, with a helicopter ride as the big finish. Extended hikes to The Narrows and Angels Landing in Zion National Park were big hits with our adventurers, as was the hike to Observation Point across Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort grounds. Each adventure-packed day ended with a delicious meal such as salmon and a Dutch Oven dinner.

Here’s what our guests had to say about the Fall 2015 Women’s Adventure Retreat experience.

DSC_8678_1_coralpinksanddunes“Incredible experience! From the first minute to the last, you will be participating in activities and creating lasting memories…with a supportive and fun-loving group of women by your side.”

DSC_8758(1)_sledding“Activities…range from very challenging to just plain good fun. Adventure was both exhilarating and breathtaking. You are never bored.”

“I had an absolute blast. The adventures were fun and challenging and a ton of things I never did before! The retreat was so well organized that we got to do everything! I would highly recommend this trip to every fitness level. It was so fun!”

“Every day has multiple options to choose from. We could pick from hiking to ATV to horseback riding to stargazing.

“The sky is the limit, but at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, the canyon is the way to go and go and go.”

“All in all, it was more than I could have hoped…It was nice to be able to say no to an activity and have a different adventure to go on!”

“No detail is overlooked; the hikes and activities are well-planned, food is outstanding and accommodations are incredible. The staff at Zion Ponderosa are truly a premier group of professionals that will ensure your stay is as memorable and comfortable as possible.”

“This is a very rare and much needed retreat for women, where they can feel comfortable doing activities that may make you feel uncomfortable.”

“To be able to do everything in one week seems impossible but it is not when it is so organized. The special extra touches the staff surprises you with is amazing. They make you feel like you are part of the family.”

“Definitely an adventure as the name says. I enjoyed every part of it and did things I never thought I would…I have the best memories to go home with. Absolutely loved it!”

SAVE THE DATES: Our Women’s Adventure Retreat was such a hit that we’ve already booked the dates for 2016! Spring retreat will be May 1-7 and the Fall retreat will take place Oct. 9-15. Bask in solitude, embolden your soul, and experience the adventures of a lifetime at our 2016 Women’s Adventure Retreats!


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