Zion Adventures During The Women’s Getaway Retreat

When Zion Ponderosa guest Jennifer Mitchell was asked what she’s experienced during the Spring 2016 Women’s Getaway Retreat, her instant response was, “Oh my gosh, what HAVEN’T we been doing?”

In addition to the hiking, helicopter rides, Jenn was excited to try canyoneering, which she’d never done before. “It’s been amazing…a lot of rappelling in slot canyons. It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

She notes that the food is fantastic, too. Dinnertime is the perfect opportunity to bond over a great meal and share insights with a group of women who have just experienced the same adventures, each in their own way. “We’ve just been having a blast,” Jenn says.

But maybe the biggest impact the Women’s Getaway Retreat has had on Jenn is the bonding experience with “awesome women” she’s met from all over the country. The Spring 2016 Women’s Retreat group represented every decade from 20s through 60s. “I’m always so amazed by traveling with women, and how supportive we are of one another, and how we build each other up and we’re constantly looking out for each other because we have all ages and abilities.”

Women's Getaway Retreat Spring 2016 Zion Ponderosa
Jenn was impressed by her Women’s Getaway Retreat experience before she even set foot on Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. She noted how our retreat organizers reached out to her before hand to get a sense of her abilities and preferences so hikes and other experiences could be customized according to her skill level and desire to try new things.

And now that it’s over, she just can’t say enough good things about her experience during the Women’s Getaway Retreat. “I would say absolutely do it. If you’re hesitating at all, don’t.”

As a lifestyle blogger at ComebackMomma.com who has experienced personal setbacks in her life, Jenn always moves forward. And if there’s one thing she’s learned, she says, “You should always say yes to a new adventure.”



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