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Guide to Hiking the Zion Narrows

Hiking the Narrows is a bucket-list item for many people, and for good reason. The Zion Narrows is one of the world’s most spectacular, awe-inspiring, beautiful hikes you’ll ever experience.

As with any outdoor adventure, though, a good knowledge of The Narrows before your hike goes a long way in making it more memorable. From knowing what to expect so you can be properly prepared, to finding the right times to hike it, there’s a ton of background information you can read up on while waiting for your hike in The Narrows.

This infographic touches on some of the most important things to know about The Narrows, what hiking it is really like, and how you can make the most out of your trip to see this legendary canyon.

Infographic of hiking the narrows in Zion National Park

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