Night Sky – Zion National Park


Night skies over southern Utah

This image provides another strong reason why you’ll love to visit Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.  John from Palo Alto, California sent this image to us a couple of days ago and you can see that Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, and Zion National Park, are far away from light pollution.  This makes star-gazing fantastic and our guests have the privilege of seeing the milky way about as clearly as you will anywhere in the mainland United States.  Click on these images for a larger view.


Campfire gathering at Zion

Clear night skies, a warm fire, and the soft lights from inside your Zion cabin.  It’s all part of the magic of Zion Ponderosa at 6,500 feet elevation in the ponderosa pines on the plateau above Zion National Park.


Vacation Home Utah

Our vacation homes are the ideal place to pull up a chair and gaze heavenward at the miracles of deep space.

It’s time to come and visit us for the first time, or for your 10th time.  Either way, the magic is still here waiting for you.

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