Ragnar Trail Relay Zion

Friends, Relay, Camp, Repeat – Ragnar Trail Relay Zion 2017

What do you get when you combine a trail race with a festival and a campout with 3,500 of your best friends? Ragnar Trail Relay Zion! On May 12-13, 2017, it’s time to hit the trails once again and find your #innerWILD as your eight-person team relays through the gorgeous Zion trails.

For those new to the sport, Ragnar Trail Relays are similar to Ragnar Relays, in that each team member runs three separate times, but in the case of a Trail Relay, everyone on the team runs the same three legs. There can be four or eight runners on a relay team. Relays can take from 14 to 32 hours, with staggered start times. Competitors run throughout the night to complete to the total 120-mile race length.

Ragnar Trail Relay
Ragnar Trail Relay Zion is Zion Ponderosa’s largest event of the year, with Ragnar teams come from all around the world. The popularity of Ragnar Trail Zion has grown by thousands from the first time we hosted it, to nearly 4,000 visitors last year!

Presented by Salomon, Ragnar Trail Zion begins and ends at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, the base camp for Ragnar Village. Sitting at 6,500+ feet elevation on the eastern edge of Zion National Park, runners will experience Zion trail running like never before. Ragnartrail.com calls Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort a trail running Shangri-La! Each of the three loops wind through ponderosa and juniper pine forests across the east Zion plateau, with epic views of Zion National Park’s Checkerboard Mesa, Cedar Breaks, and Dixie National Forest. Double your fun by conquering Ragnar Trail Zion and Reebok Ragnar Wasatch Back to earn a double medal, or run a combination of relays to earn the Mountains Majesty Double Medal.

Ragnar Trail Relay Zion - Running Event
• Green Loop: Leave Ragnar Village on a dirt road and connect to a single-track trail with views of Zion National Park’s famous Checkerboard Mesa. A wide horse trail leads back to the village.
• Yellow Loop: Panoramic views of Zion National Park from Pine Knoll are the highlight of this scenic leg!
Red Loop: Starts out the same as the Yellow Loop but tours around Zion Ponderosa Ranch. You’ll need to dig a little deeper on this leg as you gain 400 feet elevation in 1.5 miles, but the rewards are worth it. Once you’ve peaked at the views of Zion National Park, it’s all downhill. Hydrate up at the water station and then head back to Ragnar Village.

Check out the full course info here.

Ragnar Trail Relay Zion Utah

In between loops, whoop it up at Ragnar Village with campfires and s’mores, music and entertainment, or just relax with yoga classes, swimming, and a soak in the hot tub beneath starry skies. Ragnar Village is the heart and soul of the Ragnar experience, and it’ll be home for the next two days so bring tents, sleeping bags, chairs, hammocks, food and water, whatever creature comforts you need. There’s plenty of room to spread out across our 4,000-acre ranch and make yourself at home. And remember, if camping out in Ragnar Village isn’t your thing, there are plenty of Zion National Park lodging options, from wagons to cabins to luxury vacation homes. 

May is a great time of year to visit Zion! So tack a few days onto your Ragnar Trail Relay Zion and make Zion Ponderosa your home base for adventure. Book a canyoneering adventure, visit Zion National Park, take a dip in our two-tiered swimming pool, or head out on horseback. A few days at Zion Ponderosa is the perfect way to unwind after your Ragnar Trail adventure!


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