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Why You Need an Authentic Cabin Experience in Zion National Park

One of the best parts of a trip to Southern Utah and Zion National Park is the sheer variety of places to stay near Zion. From luxury vacation homes rented by the week to campsites you need a permit for, there’s really no shortage of options when it comes to lodging in this part of the world.

If you’re looking for a unique idea on Zion National Park Lodging, you should think a bit outside the box. Hotel rooms are convenient, but they’re not nearly as memorable as other options out there.

To add something unique to your next trip to Zion National Park, think about staying in an authentic cabin.

Why cabins?

Cabins sound like they’re more expensive than a hotel room, right? Well, not always. The Cowboy Cabins at Zion Ponderosa Ranch are priced evenly with hotels and other Zion area rentals.

What you get from staying in a cabin, however, is a rustic experience that helps you better disconnect from the real world and relax. The split-log walls offer a comforting simplicity that’s at once both charming and calming.

If you have younger children, they’ll likely talk nonstop about the cabin on the trip back home. A cabin is so different than what most kids are used to as far as living arrangements go that it’ll leave a lasting – and positive – impression on them. It’s a great way to expose your kids to a more rugged lifestyle and see just how much they enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

What kind of cabin should I rent?

This all depends on what type of experience you want. If you’re looking for something that’s simple, comfortable, and puts you right in the heart of a true Western experience, the Cowboy Cabins may be your best bet.

The Cowboy Cabins at Zion Ponderosa are one-room affairs, complete with a queen-size bed, or queen/twin bunk, and a large porch where you can kick back and enjoy the sights of the dark, star-filled southern Utah sky.

If you need a bit more than one room and a queen-size bed, don’t worry – Zion Ponderosa has you covered. The Cabin Suites maintain all the rustic charm of a Cowboy Cabin with a few extra modern amenities.

Featuring a bedroom, bathroom, great room, and a wetbar, the Cabin Suites give you more of an established homestead feel than edge-of-the-prairie, like the Cowboy Cabins provide. You still get the big porch, though, and on clear nights you’ll probably see a shooting star or two.

Whether you’re looking for Zion or Bryce Canyon cabin rentals, or you just want to get out and experience the quieter life in Southern Utah, the cabins here at Zion Ponderosa are just what you need.

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