Find Camaraderie at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

It’s early morning and a crevice of light breaks through the window of your lodge-style cabin. You awake to see a clean-air sunrise that has set the sky unapologetically ablaze with colors unlike anything you’ve seen before. Your gaze sweeps downward from the sky to view a slice of the 4,000 private acres awaiting your exploration. Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is a place untouched by the world which surrounds it. It is a haven for those seeking the camaraderie, rest and relaxation that, frankly, we need more of.

Bordering Utah’s Zion National Park, Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort might just have what you need to find camaraderie and revive some long-distanced friendships (something we’ve become all too familiar with this past year).

Zion Ponderosa has coordinated with groups like Adventure Women to create experiences such as the Outdoor Women’s Retreat, a rare opportunity to meet like-minded adventurers and form new, lifelong friendships. The magic of Zion helps to create the opportunity to experience totally new and engaging activities which challenge and excite you. Many friend groups have created their own experiences here as well, which is easily accomplished here at one of the top adventure resorts in the U.S.

Here are a few reasons you might want to host or join an official retreat—or an unofficial getaway—with your pals:

  • Morning hikes – Now, we don’t want to wear you out, so don’t worry; this hike does not happen every single morning. On the days that it does, you can expect a guided, scenic journey across the beautiful Zion Ponderosa region. Options in terms of hike difficulty range from total greenhorn to women well-seasoned in the sport. Three to six miles sums up the average length for these hikes, and you’ll likely be so distracted by the awe-inspiring scenery that each mile will fly by.
  • “Open use” activities – are a favorite of past women’s adventure retreat guests. There are copious activities to choose from throughout the middle part of the day, including basketball, billiards, horseshoes, tennis, volleyball, and–the big favorite–our pool and hot tub.
  • Snacks & on-site dining – After and during a day of excitement and exertion, you’ll be more than a little ready for some eats. That’s why we offer several on-site dining options. When creating retreat packages, all three meals of the day, as well as ad hoc snacks and drinks, may be included. Adult beverages are available for purchase, and we’re very cognizant of dietary restrictions or personal preferences. Omnivores, herbivores, carnivores—you name it, we’ll happily cater to it.

Fall 2017 Women's Retreat Observation Point HikeDuring your East Zion adventures, it’s our priority to take care of the details so you have time for bonding, friendship and fun. After the crazy year we’ve had, camaraderie is something we’ve learned to truly appreciate. The Outdoor Women’s Retreat is a perfect way to replenish that much-needed human connection. So when you feel it’s time to get out there and curate new friendships, let Zion Ponderosa be the backdrop for that reviving endeavor.

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