Fall Colors - Zion National Park

Fall Colors – A Longer Season at Zion National Park

With area elevations ranging from 2,000′ to over 11,000 feet you can expect a long season of fall colors as the leaves change with each elevation zone. The main canyon of Utah’s Zion National Park is 4,000 feet in elevation, while Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort sits atop the East Zion Plateau at 6,500′. It stands to reason that the leaves will change first at higher elevations and the process will work its way down. In this area that means that leaves start changing in September on the mountain above Zion Ponderosa, and the leaves are still changing in the nearby area, and lower elevation, of St. George far into November.

The colors within the main canyon of Zion National Park are most prominent in October and early November.

On Cedar Mountain, which rises to the north of Zion Ponderosa from the East Zion Plateau, the colors are normally changing in late September and early October.

At Zion Ponderosa itself, the fall temperatures make changes to the scrub oak and aspens in late September and early October, but we also have an area we call Brushy Cove which receives a constant supply of spring water and the maples and other foliage in this area are downright spectacular in the fall.

Our sister company, East Zion Adventures, offers guided Horseback Rides, Guided Hiking, and Canyoneering tours that venture into the terrain where the fall foliage is on full display.  These adventures are spectacular experiences on their own, but the fall colors step the experience up to another level of visual amazement.

Check-out this video of a fall foliage Jeep Tour into Brushy Cove…


Zion National Park offers dramatic views year-round and the fall season is ideal for a visit to Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

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  1. We will be in your area in the third week of October. We would love to make a day trip and explore the colors . As day visitors can we do horse back riding or do a Jeep trip?

  2. Hi, yes—we do allow visitors to sign up for our tours and adventures. We always recommend staying with us for at least a couple of days if you’re able, to maximize all there is to do in this beautiful area in and around Zion National Park!

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