How to Prepare for a Day of Hiking in Zion

Remember the Boy Scout motto? Be prepared! This sage wisdom applies to all aspects of life, but it especially applies to folks who are looking to have the adventure of a lifetime at Zion National Park. Here is some of our best advice to ensure you have the most fun and safest trip possible.

Road Trip to Zion National Park

Ready for a Break from City Life? Take a Road Trip and Head to Zion.

Living in a big city comes with many benefits, including vibrant culture, high-end dining and more. You’re likely used to the daily traffic, crowded transportation system and exciting shopping scene that comes with urban living. At some point, though, everyone needs a relaxing getaway. If you’re looking for an escape from a bustling city like Los Angeles or Las Vegas, …

A Basecamp Between Two National Parks

Utah has five national parks, second only to California and Alaska. Also known as ‘The Mighty Five,’ each park showcases the Colorado Plateau’s iconic landscape. At Zion Ponderosa, we’re fortunate to be located between Zion and Bryce, two of Utah’s best-known national parks.

Best Hikes for First Timers at Zion

Zion National Park is among our nation’s most breathtaking National Parks. While a trip to Zion can be life changing for anyone, some of the park’s most challenging hikes are intimidating for first-time visitors and casual hikers. Despite what you might see on social media, you don’t have to brave trails such as Angel’s Landing to fully immerse yourself in …

Zion National Park

Bring Your Valentine to Zion

Love is in the air at Zion Ponderosa! With Valentine’s Day falling over a three-day weekend, it’s the perfect time to celebrate with your sweetheart in Zion. From heart-pumping adventures to stargazing beneath the twinkling night sky, Zion Ponderosa has everything you need for a romantic getaway. Quiet Hikes Skip the crowds inside Zion National Park with peaceful hikes to …