Observation Point – Utah’s Best View!

Many experts claim that Utah’s best scenic view is Observation Point at Zion National Park. This overlook stands you on the edge of a 2,200 foot precipice and offers a view across a major portion of the main canyon within Zion National Park, and far into the distance beyond the park boundaries.  Zion National Park is 30 miles in length and 15 miles across at its widest point, and Observation Point, at an elevation of 6,521′, is likely the best place to capture the grandeur of this vast expanse.

Observation Point at Zion

A view from Observation Point at Zion National Park

Most visitors to Observation Point hike at Zion endure a challenging four-mile climb and 2,148′ ascent, from the Weeping Rock area at the bottom of the canyon, but there is a better way.

Observation Point Hiking Trail

Walking the forest trail to Observation Point from Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

How Do You Hike to Observation Point?

From Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort’s property, there is a park boundary trail-head that follows a more gentle rolling course across the Zion National Park plateau and through the forest to the Observation Point hike. This 3.5 mile walk (each direction) winds through the forest bending slightly northwest and then back to the southwest toward the overlook. Approximately two miles into the hike, you’ll encounter views into a side canyon that are quite spectacular but only serve to whet the appetite for what lies ahead.

Zion National Park Canyon

Viewing the canyon on the west, just before arriving at Observation Point.

In the last half of a mile, the course descends south to the canyon rim and then bends west before turning south again toward Observation Point trail at Zion. In the last 200 yards, you’ll ride the edge of the rim and encounter views into the back of the main canyon toward the Narrows, but the real view then opens up at Observation Point as you exit the forest of scrub oak, pines, and high desert foliage.

Observation Point at Zion National Park

A view over the rim at Observation Point

The geologic formations of Zion National Park have created beautiful sandstone layers of white, grey, ochre, and various hues of red color the striations that break out before your view. To the left, the canyon sweeps open in a horseshoe fashion. To the south, the Virgin River winds through the fins and buttresses that have been eroded over eons. To your right the main canyon cycles north and toward the narrows section of Zion Park.

Observation Point Viewers

A couple from Canada sits on the rim taking in the views at Observation Point

Observation Point has nearly every major attraction within view. Plan to spend some time on the rim just soaking in all the views, and unlike others that you may encounter, enjoy the fact that you didn’t have to hike from the valley to Observation Point.

Observation Point - Best View in Utah

A young woman enjoys the solitude of this majestic vista at Observation Point.

How Long Does It Take to Hike Observation Point at Zion?

The length of this hike from Zion Ponderosa is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes (each direction) for adults moving at a reasonable hiking pace. Adjust your expected time based on the ability of those in your hiking group. And don’t be afraid to take your time and enjoy every minute of this hike.

Zion National Park

A hiker rests on the rim to take photographs at Observation Point.

Groups are limited to sizes of no more than 12 people on trails such as this within Zion National Park. Your experience to Observation Point will be unlike anyone else’s with a small group that allows you to enjoy being outside and take it the icon view. Make sure to bring water, snacks, and appropriate other hiking supplies, and don’t forget your still and video cameras. Early morning is a good time to start on this hike so you can enjoy the softer light on the formations when photography is also best. Learn more about Zion National Park.

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  1. Would you be able to drop off a group of 6 at the Stave Spring Trailhead and pick up at the East Mesa Trailhead? We’d like to hike one way to Observation Point. Thanks! ~Jessica

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