Zion Ponderosa Women’s Getaway Retreat Experience

When we set out to create the Women’s Getaway Retreat at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, we envisioned an active, outdoor adventure experience that was more than just physical. We also imagined the emotional and mental benefits our guests would receive while surrounded by wide open spaces and scenic beauty. Above all, we wanted to create a positive environment where women could forge new friendships while sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As a guest of the Spring 2016 Women’s Getaway Retreat, blogger Heather Erquiaga experienced this camaraderie first-hand, and was amazed at the sense of community she was able to build with other Women’s Getaway Retreat adventurers over the course of the week.

“Whenever you do something that’s a challenge or something or out of the ordinary, it bonds and glues people together, and that’s what this week has done,” Heather says. “It’s been amazing to have been able to experience.”

Womens Getaway Retreat Vacation Home Zion Ponderosa
Of course in addition to the bonding there are the adventures, which some women experienced for the first time. Canyoneering was a brand new experience for Heather, but she was excited to try it, especially with the Women’s Getaway Retreat group.

“It was amazing. This is my first time canyoneering, and I’m not a huge fan of tight spaces, but I felt really safe and comfortable,” Heather tells us. “It was a great day to have a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge.”

The Women’s Getaway Retreat offers just that: the opportunity to challenge yourself in every way, while basking in the beauty here on the eastern edge of Zion. And Heather was able to see some of that beauty from above, during her first helicopter ride.

“We saw the Virgin River, and all the way up through Springdale into the beginning of Zion National Park,” she says. “We got to learn about the history and topography of the area.”

Helicopter Ride Womens Getaway Retreat Zion Ponderosa
Even the more common recreational activities had an impact on Heather. “I really loved the ATV ride (my first time EVER on an ATV!),” she writes in her review on Trekaroo.com. “And shooting (which surprised me as I’m not a gun person at all).”

Read Heather’s full review of Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort here.

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