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Escape California for a Zion National Park Holiday Vacation

Living in Southern California has its perks — incredible weather, warm beaches, and no shortage of fun things to do. When the holiday season rolls around though, the city and its attractions pack with tourists. With families coming home for the holidays, it’s understandable.

It’s great to be able to call Southern California home, but after months of spending time on the beaches or beneath the palm trees, you probably start longing for a change of scenery once the holidays begin and the year is coming to a close. That’s not to mention escaping the crowds of tourists for a few days, too.

Since the holidays are all about making lasting memories with your family and those you love, why not escape to somewhere quiet and different this year? A short 5-hour drive from the L.A. area puts you right in the middle of the world-famous landscapes of southern Utah. The stark contrast of white snow against red rocks is an amazing sight, and spending the holidays in a place with snow helps get you and your family into a true holiday spirit.

Come Visit Zion Ponderosa

A trip out to the Zion Ponderosa Ranch, located just outside of Zion National Park, gives you the opportunity for a family vacation you’ll never forget. It’s strikingly different from other vacation spots in California, and the memories of this trip won’t get lost in the sea of pictures from your other family holiday adventures. It’ll stand out in a way that always makes you smile when you think back on your time here.

Some of the best reasons to come out to Zion Ponderosa this winter for a family vacation include:

  • Snow! Enjoy a winter wonderland without traveling high into the mountain tops.
  • Gorgeous, peaceful scenery that’s unmatched in the world
  • A full-service resort nestled in a rural part of southern Utah, complete with luxury accommodations and all the amenities you need for a comfortable vacation
  • More activities and things to do than you’ll have time for – which is why Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is listed as one of the Top 6 Adventure Resorts in America


The biggest draw to travelling to Zion National Park in the winter is the sheer variety of things to do. You won’t be able to get to everything you want in a single trip, which is a good problem to have. What’s even better is that the things you get to do while out in this part of the country is that none of your friends will be able to top your holiday adventures with their run-of-the-mill beach pictures.


  • Hiking in Zion National Park: Winter isn’t the season you immediately think of for great hiking, but if you’re not a fan of crowds it’ll be your favorite time to visit the park. There’s plenty of day hikes in Zion so you can take a short stroll in the cool weather and be back before it gets too dark. Guided hikes are available as long as you make reservations in advance. Snowshoeing is another great option if you don’t want to hike on sandstone. Snowshoeing puts you in the middle of the landscape and, if you’re lucky, up close with some wildlife as well.
  • Stargazing: Again, this isn’t an activity you immediately think of when you think about things to do in the winter. But Zion happens to be one of the best places for stargazing in the entire country. Wait for the sun to set, then swing by The Narrows Coffee to grab something warm to drink, bundle up, and take a walk through Zion Ponderosa Ranch. The clear, dark skies are free of light pollution and full of more stars than you’d think is possible.
  • Shooting: Going shooting in Zion is an experience that you just really can’t get at a beach. The range here at Zion Ponderosa is a combination rifle/archery/shotgun range, so no matter what firearms you’re familiar with you’ll have the chance to use it. Our skeet shooting range is very popular, and if you’ve never used shotguns before it’s a great time and place to learn.
  • Holiday Meals: Our annual Thanksgiving Feast sells out quickly, but we have other holiday meal packages that make bringing the entire family together much easier. We’ll take care of the food while you indulge in the amenities of our resort.  



There are tons of lodging options in the Zion National park area, including some that are unique to Zion Ponderosa. We offer everything from rustic cabins to luxury vacation homes for your stay, and each option adds something different to your trip. If you’re looking to really get away and change up your holiday vacation, a cabin rental may be your best bet. If you want the luxury of a resort, then our vacation homes are the perfect choice for you.

During the holidays we have special pricing as well, which you can view here.

Heading to the snow this year for the holidays won’t just give you some great Instagram photos — it’ll be an adventure your family will never forget. The opportunity to spend time together in a quiet, rural part of the country in such dramatic landscape will leave a lasting impression on everyone who comes on the trip.

Book your trip today and don’t miss out on this incredible experience.

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