Shotgun Range

Our shotgun range, located a safe distance from the resort, provides fun and thrills for the outdoor hunting enthusiast or for someone who has never picked up a gun. Of course, it is illegal to hunt wildlife within or near the National Park, but this is a great place for target practice, and to learn about safety.


We offer skeet shooting with 20 gauge shotguns. If you have your own guns, call us before you come to find out about our rules on bringing and using them.

Rental of the shooting range is available for a $15 facility fee. There are two range types; one looks over a small ravine where you can either shoot thrown clay pigeons or cans that have been tied to a tree across the valley, or for a stationary target that is closer, there’s a shooting area with targets against a hillside.

Contact us for more details
. 800-293-5444.