Weddings Near Zion National Park

A Fabulous Utah Wedding Venue

Create a very unique desert wedding experience and enjoy a natural environment for your National Park wedding event. Our location near Zion’s is absolutely breathtaking and our southern Utah wedding venue is the perfect space for your rustic destination wedding. The barn, shown below, is located only 10 minutes from the east entrance of Zion National Park, and five minutes from Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

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A happy couple gets married at their national park wedding near Zion National Park

Zion National Park Wedding Venue Rental Info

When booking our Utah wedding venue, you must rent the space for the entire day. This is so you get the venue from sun up to sundown, while also incorporating a plan for setting up and cleaning up.

We know desert weddings can be a huge production to put together and plan. When you rent out our rustic barn venue space, that is all that will be provided. The client will be responsible for any other details pertaining to the wedding including catering, decor, set up/takedown, etc. A local vendor list is provided below.

Please note that you are welcome to contact any of those vendors, but those services will not include Zion Ponderosa.


Rustic Barn Desert Wedding Pricing Details

    • Day Long Wedding Rental (8am-11pm): $1,200, with a $500 deposit.

    • Booking is subject to availability. Our venue space can accommodate wedding parties of 100 people or less.

    What’s Included in This Fee:

    • The national park wedding venue space will be reserved for your full personal use from 8 am-11 pm.

    • 12 wooden farmhouse tables (seating 8-10 people)

    • 40 plastic wedding chairs

    • 30 white farmhouse benches (seating 2-3 people each)

    • Access to bathrooms with plumbing and running water

    • Access to power inside the barn

    • Access to any space surrounding the barn (Parking, restrooms, fire pit area, etc.)


    National Park Wedding Venue Policies

    A rustic red barn surrounded by beautiful southern Utah scenery is a premier Utah Wedding venue for Zion National Park Weddings.

    Pictures of Our Beautiful Zion National Park Wedding Venue

      Local Vendors


      Equipment Rentals

      Cakes and Flowers

      Music, Photography, Videography

      Here at Zion Ponderosa we pride ourselves on offering our guest their dream wedding and a unique scenery for your special day. Our self-serve approach allows for our guest to completely curate every wedding detail. From table options to vendors and more, we have no doubt that you’ll plan an amazingly beautiful and memorable event!