Not at The Women’s Adventure Retreat? Here’s What You’ve Been Missing

The Women’s Adventure Retreat is in full swing at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. If you aren’t at our Women’s Adventure Retreat this week, this is what you’re missing:

Women's Adventure Retreat ScheduleZion Ponderosa’s Women’s Adventure Retreat is packed with adventure and activities, supported by good food and great company. Guests began arriving at our 4,000-acre ranch resort on Sunday, checked into their vacation homes, and were treated to a delicious chef-prepared dinner at our on site restaurant. After an early morning trail run on Monday morning, our adventurers enjoyed a hearty, healthy breakfast — and then the adventure began!

The first scheduled adventure on the agenda was sledding on the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. We’re at the halfway point of the Women’s Adventure Retreat  and so far, in addition to a visit to Coral Pink Sand Dunes, our retreat guests have enjoyed hiking and lunch in Zion National Park, and a canyoneering adventure in Birch Canyon. And there’s still plenty more adventure to come! In the coming days, our Women’s Adventure Retreat guests will hike to Zion National Park’s Observation Point (voted the best view in Utah by Backpacker magazine), enjoy a guided ATV adventure, and experience a grand finale helicopter tour over Zion National Park.

In between adventures, the women have participated in nature walks and trail runs, rappelling lessons, ATVing, paintball, plus time on the shooting range. We’ll wrap up the week with horseback riding, and rock climbing practice on the Zion Ponderosa climbing wall. Evening activities include time bonding around the fire pit and in the hot tub for those who want to unwind after a long day, or a night zipline for the women who are ready for more adventure before bed!

Every activity and adventure on the agenda is included with our Women’s Retreat Package! Adventure Retreat guests also have the option of skipping an activity (although that hasn’t happened yet!) to sit back and enjoy the incredible views from Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, book a massage or other spa service, swim or sit in the hot tub to soak in the day’s adventure and the views.

Experiencing adventure, basking in solitude, emboldening the soul, all while surrounded with the tranquil beauty of Zion…trying to capture the transformative experience of the Women’s Adventure Retreat solely in words is like trying to summarize a novel in a Tweet. So here it is so far (there’s still plenty more to experience this week) in pictures that speak 1,000 words!


An Adventure Retreat guest experiencing the thrill of sledding on the Coral Pink Sand Dunes!


Sand sledding at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park


Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is surrounded by pine trees and other foliage. Here are some of our Women’s Adventure Retreat guests breathing in the lovely butterscotch scent found on the bark of the Ponderosa Pine.


Rappelling lessons at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort during the 2015 Women’s Adventure Retreat.


Women’s Adventure Retreat shooting range

Womens Adventure Retreat 2015 Group

Having fun at the Women’s Adventure Retreat? Their smiles say it all!

Women's Adventure Retreat Observation Point

Next on the agenda: A hike to Observation Point, noted as the best view in Utah by ‘Backpacker’ magazine!


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