Zion Park Mountain Biking

While mountain biking is not allowed on the dirt single track trails within Zion National Park, there are numerous world-class mountain biking trails outside of Zion National Park.   Zion Ponderosa has several single track-trails that dissect our 4,000 acres, and dirt roads lead to such places as Jolley Gulch. Outside the park boundaries there are many single-track mountain biking trails that cross challenging terrain and lead to dramatic view points.

Zion Park Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking enthusiasts gaze over the north rim of Gooseberry Mesa

Perhaps the best known place to ride mountain bikes is Gooseberry Mesa, which is rated by many as Utah’s best mountain bike trail system.  Gooseberry Mesa sits to the west of Zion National Park and offers a series of rim trails with hardened dirt surfaces and a great deal of slick rock.

How to get to Gooseberry Mesa from Zion Ponderosa:  Travel through the Park east entrance and pass through Springdale on the west side, and go to Old Bridge road in Rockville.  Cross the bridge and follow the road to the right (west) about one mile and the road will split.  Follow the road uphill to the left (south) and at the top of the hill look for the road labelled Gooseberry Mesa (right).   Go west on the Mesa to the various trail-heads and parking areas.

Gooseberry Mesa

Gazing out from the north rim of Gooseberry Mesa

Gooseberry Mesa trails criss-cross the mesa and also circle the entire rim of the mesa.

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