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You’ve been to Zion, you’ve stayed at Zion Ponderosa. You fell in love with the landscape. You return over and over to visit this beautiful property. What if you didn’t have to leave?

Introducing The Residences of East Zion, a unique opportunity to own your own breathtaking piece of real estate on the eastern edge of Zion. Picture your dream home. Now picture it here 2,000 feet above Zion Canyon’s floor.

Here at 6,500 feet elevation, nestled among the pine trees, you’ll enjoy cooler summer temperatures and mild winters. It’s the ideal climate for outdoor adventures, and a dream setting for taking in the view. No matter what the season, you’ll return to your second home again and again and again.

Expansive views from our mountain lodges
There are several ways to enjoy Zion Ponderosa real estate: purchase an existing home, build your own vacation home, purchase one of our lots for sale, or enjoy fractional ownership.

Build your dream home, your vacation home, your second home at The Residences of East Zion. We recommend taking a tour or renting one of our existing homes at Zion Ridge, adjacent to Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, to get a feel for luxury mountain home living and to learn about the amenities that can be included when you build your own home. We also offer 1-acre lots to purchase as an investment or to build your own vacation home.

Zion Ridge
Each home built at The Residences of East Zion will be designed to become a seamless part of the local landscape. East Zion Development is committed to being a responsible steward of this precious place by including natural building materials such as river rock and mature timber. Our master plan includes native plants and eco-friendly landscape design that will leave a small footprint. Underground utilities including water, sewer, electricity, and fiber optics play an important part in preserving the natural appearance of the landscape.

The Residences of East Zion will have paved, year-round access so you can enjoy your vacation home any time. Homeowners will also have the option of including their homes in our guest rental pool; this is a great option for contributing toward your monthly mortgage payments.

Fractional ownership is another way to acquire your piece of Zion Ponderosa, by enjoying a time-share four weeks per year. A 1/12th share allows the flexibility of enjoying a vacation property without having to maintain a full investment. It also means you’re free from the day-to-day maintenance involved with a second home!

To learn more about The Residences of East Zion or to tour existing real estate at Zion Ridge, request more info or call us at 435-648-2802.

We’ll see you in Zion!

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    REALLY interested in lots. We are ready to buy! Please send me a list of what is available. We will be back in town on Sept 9th.

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    Current Real Estate information is available on our website. You’re also welcome to call us at 435-648-2802. We’d love to talk to you about purchasing a lot.

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