Hiking Shuttles

Hiking Shuttle Services: Please note that shuttle drop-off and pick-up services must be scheduled in advance. For costs – see recreation pricing link below.

Zion Ponderosa shares several miles of common fence and breathtaking scenery with Zion Park. We have a daily hiking shuttle which departs Zion Ponderosa at 8:00 AM and drops you off at the trail-head of your choice.

Choose from these hiking trails that begin on our property; Observation Point, Cable Mountain, Deer-Trap Mountain, Echo Canyon, East Rim Trail and Orderville Gulch. We can also arrange to pick you up and bring you back to Zion Ponderosa. For the hikes that go into Zion, we will pick you up at the Zion National Park visitor center. For other hikes you will be picked up at the appropriate location.

Pick up at Zion National Park is at the Visitor Center flag pole. Hiking from the plateau at Zion Ponderosa is a great way to experience Zion from the top down.

Along with offering spectacular scenery accessible 365 days a year, Zion is home to some of the most incredible hiking trails in the world. Zion National Park has a wide diversity of hiking tours, for both beginners and advanced hikers.

As our guest you have the option to choose from short nature walks, to Zion National Park overlook hiking trails with views from high plateaus ranging over two thousand five hundred feet above the canyon floor.

Zion hiking will give you the thrill of a lifetime with options to journey through the world famous Zion Narrows, a slot canyon that is part of the series of slot canyons that form Zion Canyon.