Zion Park in Autumn

The Fall season is coming and it is perhaps the best time to visit Zion National Park, especially when you can stay on top of the park at Zion Ponderosa.   At 6,500 feet in elevation Zion Ponderosa offers beautiful day-time temperatures and cool nights when the stars gazing will be fantastic. (Check out our special fall rates)

Zion in Autumn

Fall foliage will soon light up the higher elevations of southern Utah.

The changing of colors of the leaves will begin soon, up here on the plateau, and then work their way down in elevation to the canyon floor in late September and early October.   We all know Zion National Park is Utah’s number one national park attraction, partially because of its stunning and dramatic color, but that color get’s taken up another notch in the fall.

Zion National Park in Fall

Leaves scatter across a path in the Zion National Park region.

Photography will be at its best this fall, and Zion is even more spectacular if you are lucky enough to experience a rare rain-storm while visiting the park.   With a good amount of rain, the canyon becomes a waterfall haven for as long as the rain is falling.  After the rain, the colors in the park are even more rich and vibrant.

Visit Zion National Park

Waterfalls stream from canyon walls in Zion National Park

You’re likely to see beautiful weather when you come, but if you see a little rain, take advantage of the grand experience.   No matter when you visit this fall, you’ll find it to be one of the best times of year to visit Zion National Park and Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

Zion Canyon Colors

Zion Canyon offers dramatic variations in color.

(Learn more about Zion Flora)

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  1. I love how you talked about how beautiful Zion National Park is during the fall. I want to go see the leaves and the beauty there soon since I’ve never been. Thanks for the information about how the photography will be great and how a rainstorm can really set off the colors.

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