Zion National Park in Winter Offers Peace and Solitude

We know it’s coming every year, but somehow December still seems to sneak up on us. As we’re winding down from non-stop activity of summer and fall, we’re enjoying the solitude of the winter season. Zion Ponderosa camping and activities are closed through February, but our vacation homes are still available for your enjoyment. Coupled with Zion’s fresh air and scenery, a Zion Ponderosa winter vacation offers a perfect escape from the winter blues and holiday chaos.


Imagine packing the family up, and enjoying a cozy winter escape; the fireplace blazing, snow capped mountains; a great meal and good company. Zion Ponderosa’s serenity experience begins from the moment you pick up your key and drive through the gates of Zion Ridge Estates to your home away from home. Bring your own groceries to cook in the fully equipped kitchen and enjoy quiet meals with family. Zion National Park’s quietest months are December, January, and February, making it a great time to escape to peaceful solitude and enjoy winter activities and adventures.

Zion’s scenery is spectacular during the winter months and visitors appreciate the unique winter activities such as snowmobiling along the east rim of the park, or snowshoeing across Zion Ponderosa’s forested plateau to Observation Point. Zion Ponderosa is at 6,500 feet elevation, so there may or may not be snow. If there is, bring your snowshoes or cross-country skis to traverse across the forested plateau to Observation Point or Cable Mountain right from your Zion Ponderosa vacation home. Good snow boots, a beanie cap and layers are ideal for a sunny winter day hike along the eastern edge of Zion.

Winter at Zion Ponderosa
Down inside Zion National Park, the temperatures are usually mild in winter, at the 4,000-foot elevation. Take the scenic drive through Zion National Park, enjoy the scenery and the easy access to Zion’s untamed beauty unmarred by throngs of people. Winter is a great time for wildlife sightings, too. It’s not uncommon to see Bald or Golden eagles, wild turkeys, bighorn sheep, and more.

Zion Park Winter
You can also choose to head to Springdale for lunch and pick up more groceries to enjoy back at your Zion Ponderosa vacation home. One thing you’re guaranteed to find during a winter visit to Zion is serenity. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the park, and of your Zion Ponderosa experience.

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