East Zion guided Jeep tour view

East Zion in Late Winter—the Quiet Side of Zion National Park

Zion is a place of quiet grandeur where the towering canyon walls and massive sandstone cliffs have a way of speaking for themselves, all while speaking to your soul. There’s no time that this is more apparent than in late winter, when the occasional snowfall takes us by surprise even in February and early March. 

Many of us are ready to pack away our winter boots and start dreaming of sunny summer days. Spring is on the horizon but there’s still plenty to enjoy about these cooler months of the year. Daytime temperatures are often perfect for quiet walks or hikes among the massive sandstone towers of Zion National Park’s main canyon—but there’s another way to experience Zion. 

Another way to experience Zion

Escape to the east side of Zion, where time just seems to slow down. Zion Ponderosa is located on 4,000 acres of beautiful land bordering Zion National Park. Our sister company East Zion Adventures offers many activities and views that other guide companies don’t or can’t, thanks to our pristine location. Horseback riding with scenic views from the plateau above Zion National Park, sunset Jeep tours with seemingly endless views from the top of the world, and renowned hikes accessible only from Zion Ponderosa‘s private property. 

checkerboard mesa in snow

Nowhere else can you witness views like Checkerboard Mesa from this vantage point, or see Angels Landing from above. In late winter, a light dusting of snow may highlight the horizontal and vertical lines etched in Checkerboard Mesa’s Navajo sandstone. Contrast, curves and color create a beautiful portrait of Zion in late winter. 

Views from above

Zion Ponderosa sits at an elevation of 6,500 feet, a whole 2,500 feet higher than Springdale, Utah at the south entrance to Zion National Park. This means we may have snow in the winter even when Zion National Park doesn’t in the main canyon. One of the most unique things about Zion Ponderosa is that we typically get enough snow for winter sports like cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Sounds like we’re your perfect home base for a late winter excursion to Zion.

Zion Ponderosa winter Jeep tourVacation homes and cabins are available year-round, and East Zion Adventures such as Jeep tours typically run even when there’s snow on the ground. Don’t be scared to explore Zion and East Zion in late winter. You just may experience your favorite park in new and beautiful ways. 


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