Zion National Park in the Fall

Imagine the most stunning painting of a southern Utah canyon in the fall: the brilliant reds, shimmering yellows and blazing oranges. Now, imagine driving through that canyon, and hiking through colorful, falling leaves, a crisp breeze and that scent of autumn swirling through the air. This could be a reality if you were to visit Zion in the fall.

Zion National Park is one of the most picturesque parks in the US; combine that with the most picturesque season, and you’ve got one of the most beautiful trips you could possible imagine. Zion is widely known for its marvelous contrasting colors and stunning views, but paired with fall it far exceeds exp. Autumn in Zion is beyond explainable, and is definitely something that needs to be experienced to understand fully. There’s nothing quite like the brightly colored leaves up against Zion’s red sandstone cliffs.

Zion landscape in Fall
Many locals and return visitors will tell you that October and November are ideal months to visit Zion National Park. Not only will there be less crowds, but the sights become less saturated by sunlight and the contrast in the leaves and cliffs really pop. Zion is beautiful to take a drive through in the summer months, and it’s that much more stunning in fall. Capture views from overlooks of the fall leaves that you’ll never find anywhere else.

Not only are the colors one of the main reasons people choose to visit Zion in the fall rather than during the summer, but climate plays a major part in it as well. Zion is located in southern Utah where winters are more mild, meaning that the fall is just the right temperature for hiking and exploring. Average temperatures in Zion during the fall can range from low 40’s to mid 70’s. compared to the summer months when midday can reach above 100.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to visit Zion in the fall, then what about the fact that there are less people? That’s right, the crowds dissipate and the park becomes more calm and relaxing due to the lack of tourists. This means fewer people to walk in front of your camera as you snap shots of the stunning autumn views, and better parking once the mandatory park shuttle stops running at the end of October.

Visiting Zion in the fall feels as if you just stepped foot into a painting. It’s truly an unforgettable experience, and something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Fall Foliage - Zion Park Area
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